Shifting to remote work overnight isn’t easy. Managing people remotely is even harder. A world crisis on top of all of that makes it close to impossible to succeed

Over the past week, I reached out to dozens of engineering managers in mobile to learn how they have shifted management styles to accommodate their team’s professional and personal lives. Here are the top tips for mobile managers:

  1. “When it comes to making a remote team successful, communication is key. Leaders need to build a safe virtual space where people can trust each other and express different opinions and ideas without being afraid of being judged. Trust is the catalyser that enables building high performance, healthy and self-healing teams.” Leo Font, Hubspot - LinkedIn
  2. “Build distribution to team members so they can perform on-device pair testing of PR & Master builds would be one unique aspect that comes to mind.” Kenny Thomason, Keap - LinkedIn
  3. “During a sprint retro, go around to all team members and ask them to share 1-2 things about what didn't go well/could have gone better in the sprint and share 1-2 shoutouts/learnings from the sprint.” Shrey Gupta, - LinkedIn
  4. If you feel bored, tired, happy, neglected, etc -- express that right away in chat, no matter how vulnerable it feels. Showing this vulnerability makes others comfortable with doing the same, and increases the well-being and trust within the team.” Vasiliy Kulakov, Casper - LinkedIn
  5. “Don't assume junior devs don't need help because they're not asking for help. It's up to the leads and management to ensure help isn't needed.” Tom Ortega, Omega Ortega - LinkedIn
  6. “Synergize your team by developing relationships beyond the formalities of work. It becomes infinitely easier to understand a developer’s strengths and weaknesses when you understand them.” Robert Welch, Crate - LinkedIn
  7. “Take every opportunity to let your folks and their teams know how much you appreciate the work they're doing. It's easy to take that for granted when you don't see them in person every day.” Shane King, Kroger - LinkedIn
  8. “Keep the days events as regular as possible to help promote an office like routine.” Peter Witham, GTL - LinkedIn
  9. “Continuous delivery of builds to QA and other stakeholders - in particular automating building and distribution is a huge help (we use Circle CI). Strong separation of staging and production environments (more important when everyone's in different places).” Mat Cegiela, Illuminate Education - LinkedIn
  10. “Stay engaged by using great tools like Slack and Zoom but be sure to turn that camera on! We are practically operating as if our teams are near-shore, so communication must be ratcheted up even more.” Carl Puerschner, CVent - LinkedIn
  11. “Make sure you take care of yourself, get enough rest and exercise etc, or you'll be useless to your team.” Karlo Kilayko, The Knot - LinkedIn

Thank you to everyone who contributed! If you have additional advice, feel free to comment below and share with your network.

Stay healthy!