At Embrace, we’re big on winning. But what startup isn’t?

Our company mission has always been about helping other developer teams maintain application stability and performance, giving them the support they need as they face frustrating bugs.

Internally, we want to show the same level of care and support for our Embrace team and foster a company culture based on our values:

  • We seek to understand your perspective
  • Meaningful insights are found by investing time
  • Brutal honesty delivered kindly
  • Simplest solutions are identified by focusing on outcomes
  • Growth is achievable only by empowering with ownership

But winning is not only about the win itself, but also about showing appreciation to those who helped you get there.

Thanksgiving Every Week

Every Friday, our office has a company-wide meeting to discuss each department’s goals and successes for the week, give shoutouts to individual accomplishments, and vote on the week’s MVP.

We found though that one weekly meeting wasn’t enough:  There were too many individual accomplishments to cover, too much to give thanks for, and some fell by the way side.

So, we added biweekly standups Tuesdays and Thursdays for a similar purpose, to talk about our progress and recognize contributions over the past few days. Initially, this meeting was to make sure no achievements were forgotten throughout the week, but we ended up finding that there was much more to be thankful for than we had expected.

This week, we gave thanks to coworkers for stepping up for our very first webinar, the release of daily digest emails, and for keeping the office connected.

The additional meetings also give us time to celebrate people in addition to achievements. March has meant a slew of company birthdays, and each birthday is another chance for us to show our appreciation to one another, even if it is from a distance.

To keep winning, celebrate accomplishments. To keep happy, celebrate people.