If you manage mobile teams or are building out a new mobile team at your organization, you’ll want to read our newest eBook: Accelerate Mobile Engineering with Standardized Tooling.

We’ll show you how mobile is different from web development, where that difference causes unique tensions and challenges, and how you can resolve those challenges. Download the eBook today to learn about simple, straightforward best practices that will that will help you implement principles from velocity engineering: an organization-wide framework for making cultural and technological choices to improve developer productivity, efficiency, and happiness.

Wherever your organization is on the path to mobile – just introducing mobile, mobile-only, one mobile team or many – we work with partners just like you every day. We understand your unique challenges.

Learn how to recognize duplicate SDKs and tooling outliers so you can ensure your mobile teams are maximizing time and resources. You’ll be able to standardize tooling across your internal and external apps and set up a DevTools team to handle tooling decisions and bug fixes, increasing release velocity in the process.

In other words, we’ll help your organization:

  1. Save costs
  2. Reduce complexity
  3. Increase efficiency

Download the eBook today!

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