Every year, developers look forward to WWDC as a place to interact with other Apple enthusiasts and share in the excitement of upcoming Apple releases. At Embrace, we put our heads together to brainstorm how we could inject some of that togetherness into the now virtual event while spotlighting the need for increased diversity and growth in our industry.

We want to see your best  about Apple, WWDC, Tim Cook, or the mobile community in general. In return, Embrace will donate $10 for every post made, up to $8,000, to Black Girls Code.

Participate by posting on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:

  • Mention #cheerstomobile and tag Embrace to be counted/tracked for donation
  • If you'd like, include one of the following: #wwdc20, #wwdc2020,  #apple, #timcook, #mobile, #android, #iOS
  • Post must be clean -- no foul language, hateful language or discriminatory intent
  • Up to 3 posts total across all platforms

Example: "We’d like to give a thanks to @Apple and Airpods, for when you’re stuck in a Zoom call but reeaallly need to go to the restroom. #cheerstomobile! #apple"

We don’t have to tell you that we are experiencing unprecedented events in our country. As WWDC goes virtual and spreads to a wider audience than ever before, we hope to invite every new attendee to the mobile family. It is up to us as a community to lift up each other when we are in need and do our part to make sure every member has access to the same opportunities.

In addition to celebrating WWDC with our commitment to donating per cheers, we’re also releasing a cocktail book as our cheers to you! Since we can’t share a drink in person, we thought we would share some of our favorite WWDC themed cocktails in a virtual way.

Please join us, raise a glass, and share some cheers to the community we all love and strive to improve every day.