“There’s no way that this non-engineer is going to understand my engineering problems.”

It’s a sentiment I sometimes perceive when I introduce myself to an onboarding engineering team, and I fully understand it. After all, customer support teams are often associated with feelings of dread: long holds and circuitous menus on the phone, chat bots that cause problems, and representatives who walk you through the same documentation you’ve already tried. I share this sentiment too, and I work in customer service!

So I’d like to boldly proclaim what “CS” is at Embrace and, hint, it goes well beyond what you would expect from a standard CS team. Yes, we are Customer Success and Customer Support, but we’re also Consulting Services and Creative Strategists, Computational Scientists and Collaborative Sidekicks. We tend to be analysts by trade, meaning that our support has a technical influence and an analytical bent. Although we may not be “true” engineers, we still hold backgrounds in statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Before I joined Embrace, I developed algorithms and QA methodologies in SQL/Apache Pig as an analyst for comScore, an internet measurement company.

When I work with clients, I ask myself the same types of analytical questions I did at comScore:

  • How can the client best implement our features to solve the problem in the app they are tackling?
  • Which set of KPIs or dashboards would give them the most actionable data?
  • Out of a mountain of data, how do I pull out useful information?

Customer Success at Embrace isn’t reactive, and it’s not your bland “sorry for your inconvenience” support team. Our teams are partners, and we proactively help you reach your goals.

When I work with a customer team, I start by reviewing the problems they’d like to fix in their app and their KPIs. For example, when I began working with Wish, a large e-commerce company, their main goal was to increase their crash-free and OOM-free (out-of-memory-free) rate to match the e-commerce industry standard. After implementing the Embrace SDK and helping the team dive into crash and OOM session timelines on one of our classic screen share data walkthroughs, we were able to hack away at the most troublesome crashes and OOMs. Over a period of several weeks, we increased the app’s performance to above 99.9% crash-free and above 99.8% OOM-free sessions, numbers higher than the industry standard.

Similarly, I help teams set up their monitors and proactive alerts so they can be notified of issues in real time before these issues affect their user base. To do so, I generally recommend a set of proactive alerts to catch networking, logging, and crash issues they may not be aware of in the app. Additionally, I’ll also assist the client in developing a set of custom alerts that are tailored to specific networking issues or troublesome error logs that the team would like to track.

An example would be how we worked with one of our large e-commerce partners towards developing a set of proactive alerts for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday weekend. One of those alerts detected a networking server outage in the curbside delivery program, which notified the developers in real time and allowed them to push out a quick fix, saving the company hundreds of purchase orders.

We’ll also pull custom reports for data that clients may not have easy access to. I’ve helped show clients how their monthly session traffic has doubled over the last 12 months due to the switch in remote work, or how their low memory warning rates have increased in a certain app version, giving developers a key metric to focus on for optimization in the next app version. Through quarterly reports, the celebrity greeting card company, Cameo, has seen which of their first-party networking calls have the highest 5xx server-side error rates, allowing the team to focus on specific calls and sections of the code for improvement in future app releases.

Whether it’s a demo for your team, recommendations on how to use the Embrace feature set to triage issues, questions on Embrace, assistance in pulling data, or help on finding the best taco in Los Angeles, we’ll show up and partner with you for every step of your app’s journey. Just as Embrace is the future of mobile app performance measurement, I firmly believe that this is the future of customer support.

No more being on hold.  The world (and your app) can’t wait.

How Embrace Helps Mobile Teams

Embrace is an observability and debugging platform built for mobile teams. We are a comprehensive solution that fully reproduces every user experience from every single session. Your team gets the data it needs to proactively identify, prioritize, and solve any issue that’s costing you users or revenue.

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