Debugging App Crashes: The Step By Step Guide

Even the most successful mobile apps have growing pains along the way. With so many different devices—with different RAM size, processors, and OS versions—errors and crashes are inevitable.

How you respond to the errors, and which app monitoring tools you use to track them down and resolve them, can determine your success in app user retention, which in the end is the only metric that matters. We’ve talked about studies that show how quickly users will abandon an app that crashes or performs poorly, and each new study reinforces that point.

While the key to issue resolution is data, throwing more numbers at you without specific context really won’t help that much. The more you can drill down to a user and session level, to get a really close look at where and why things went wrong, the closer you are to fixing things. Embrace provides that visibility, and here’s how it works in some of the more likely scenarios you will face:

OOM Errors

Out Of Memory exception errors can occur for a lot of reasons, from too many images in the image cache, to memory leaks. Our tools give you a timeline of every individual OOM error, and track down exactly what was happening just before the error. You can see:

• How long the user was in the app;

• Whether they left and returned, and for how long;

• Coordinates of where they tapped, which you can match to a screen;

• Network calls;

• Screenshots of what the user saw;

• The user’s history of previous crashes/errors.

At any point in the timeline, you can view a stack trace to help with debugging.

Performance lags

An e-commerce app that takes six seconds to register a purchase has problems. You’re adding to your user’s frustration level, and that never ends happily.

We measure every process that’s initiated by the user, from Startup to Purchase. You’ll see where the bottlenecks are, and can focus on how to resolve them.

Which devices are crashing?

With different devices and versions of iOS and Android out there, you’re constantly challenged to keep up with new features while supporting older ones. Are some versions working with your app better than others?

We provide detailed reports on which devices have been crashing when running your app, down to the user level. Is it the latest and greatest, which might require some tweaking? Or is there something new causing problems for legacy devices? How many of each use your app?

Prioritize issues

The process of resolving issues starts with knowing which ones to focus on from the start. To make the best use of time and resources, you need to know which issues are most threatening to your user base. Embrace provides prioritized, actionable insights to steer you toward opportunities to improve your success.

Besides tracking down existing issues, Embrace mobile app development tools help you plan, to see what issues might come up and where you can improve your app performance. Interested in learning more about how Embrace can help your app perform optimally? Request a demo now!

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