We’re so excited to share our latest features and improvements to the Embrace dashboard!

In this update, we’ll give a walkthrough of an update to our Alerts system, where you can now go directly from the Alert Detail page to the corresponding Path Details or Network Monitoring page.

We’ve previously rolled out support for linking to the Crash Details page from an Alert Detail page, and we’re excited to extend this linking to network alerts as well.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

  • Navigating from the Alert Detail page to the Path Details page
  • Navigating from the Alert Detail page to the Network Monitoring page

When you receive a network alert in either Slack or email, you can currently click the “Click here to view” link to be taken directly to the corresponding Path Details or Network Monitoring page.

To go directly to a Path Details page, the alert must be configured for a specific domain, method, and path. Otherwise, the alert will link to the Network Monitoring page and highlight the affected domain.

This update adds this linking functionality to our Alert Detail pages as well. First, head to the Triggered Alerts section and click on an alert.

Previously, you’ve seen a screen like the following. You can view and edit the monitor, but there’s no way to navigate to the Path Details page of the affected network request.

Now, there’s a green button that says “Open Path Details”. You can click it to be taken to the Path Details page for the corresponding network request.

The following is an example of a Path Details page that would be linked to in the above scenario.

Note that for this to work, the alert must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Metric is set to “Network Requests” or “Network Requests User Percentage”
  • Breakout By is set to “Path”
  • Filters are added for “Domain” and “Method”

If one of these conditions is not met, you will instead be linked to the Network Monitoring page, which we’ll cover in the next section.

For network alerts that aren’t grouped by path, this update adds a green button that says “Discover in Network Monitoring” to the Alert Detail page.

If the monitor is grouped by domain, you can toggle the “Show All Domains” tab to quickly inspect how the behavior of other domains compares to the thresholds as well.

If you want to investigate the individual domain that caused the alert to trigger, you can toggle off “Show All Domains” and click the green button to be taken to the Network Monitoring page. Here, the domain in question will be highlighted, and you can check out the individual paths for more information.

And that’s it! Now, it’s easy to dive into the details of a triggered network alert from either a Slack/email notification or from within the Alerts page of our dashboard. We strive to get you to the data you care about as quickly as possible, and this update adds another way to save time when debugging network issues.

As always, please share any feedback so we can continue to build features and improvements that help your team be successful.

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