We’re so excited to share our latest features and improvements to the Embrace dashboard!

In this post, we’ll give a walkthrough of an update to our Alerts system that makes it easier to review the history of individual alerts. Teams can now go to any Alert Detail page and review a running list of events that relate to that specific alert.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to inspect individual alert history from the Alert Detail page

How to Inspect Individual Alert History from the Alert Detail Page

Previously, when investigating an alert in Embrace, the only way to view past triggered events was from the Alert History tab. This tab contains a running list of all alert-related events for a specific mobile app configuration (i.e. staging environment and platform).

As a quick reminder, the following color-coding is used at Embrace:

  • Green means a recovery threshold was reached
  • Yellow means a warning threshold was reached
  • Red means an error threshold was reached

While having all alert events catalogued in one list is helpful as a single source of truth, it’s less than ideal when teams want to focus on an individual alert’s history. Instead of searching through a long list, teams want to access the historical data alongside the corresponding alert’s details.

And now they can! Every Alert Detail page now has a running list of events that pertain to that specific alert. Teams can click any Alert ID and see a snapshot of the conditions when the given event triggered (e.g. reaching an error, warning, or recovery threshold).

For alerts that can trigger for different groupings (e.g. crash message, log message, log type, domain, path, status code), teams can quickly scan the Detail column to locate the grouping they’re looking for. In addition, they can inspect the Triggered column for issue recovery timelines.

And that’s it! Now, it’s easy to dive into the history of individual alerts directly from any Alert Details page. We strive to get you to the data you care about as quickly as possible, and this update adds another way to save time when investigating alerts.

As always, please share any feedback so we can continue to build features and improvements that help your team be successful.

How Embrace Helps Mobile Teams

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