At Embrace, we care deeply about making employees feel comfortable while working from home. While our teams work to improve the experience for our Embrace partners, we also have members working to add social events and movement to combat our current sedentary and solitary lifestyles.

Luckily, our Director of Mobile Growth Megan Winter is also a Group Fitness Instructor for Yoga at Equinox, and she offered to lead a morning flow for 30 minutes on Fridays.

Initially, Megan led a few of our Wellness Wednesday events, leading breathing activities. Additionally, during our recent offsite, she led an impromptu exercise break and kept the team pumped up to get back to work.

While leading the activity, Megan commented that yoga helps us to “accept what is, what is now… How you feel in this current state. Because there’s not a lot that we can control right now, so just go with it.”

In that sense, yoga is the perfect activity to gain some peace of mind during this time. But companies should know that any type of movement and relaxation is meaningful, especially because regular breaks improve both health and productivity.

Family members and loved ones of our team can also take part in the Friday fun. For anyone with kids, it’s a good way to burn some energy at the start of the day and relieve some stress.

Exercise is helpful for both your physical and mental health, so remember to take breaks for walks, yoga, or anything that gets the blood pumping. We hope you’re staying safe and remembering to keep your own personal wellness in mind during this stressful time.