Going Beyond Mobile App Data for Actionable Business Insights

The data your app collects about users is important. It is a reliable foundation for planning and gives you insights about what is working and what might not be working. And it is easy to get focused on this data because it is tangible and rational, but it’s not the only thing you should be considering when it comes to building and validating your app strategy or roadmap. There are other tried-and-true approaches to gaining insights that can guide you as you move forward in planning and action.

Research: Do The Homework

Do you know your consumer’s journey? Are your customer personas still accurate? No matter what data you are collecting or may have on hand, you still have to ask yourself questions like these.

It’s tempting to look at the wealth of data you are collecting in your app and say “based on the numbers, these things are working…let’s keep doing more of this!” Make no mistake, it is important to “fish where the fish are” and capture the low hanging fruit, but too much reliance only on what is working now can lead to strategic stagnation or even a failure to innovate. A holistic strategy of comparing data with diligent market research and consumer behavior study is paramount to keeping an eye on not only what works now, but also what will work in the future.

Ask People 

Market research and qualitative studies of consumers are great to do and can give you real insight into human behaviors, but those approaches can also be expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes an effective approach is to just ask consumers outright, via survey. In many ways, you have the perfect segment of people right at your disposal; app users are most likely your most engaged consumers. If you haven’t already, it can be well worth the effort to install third-party tools like Apptentive into your app so you can trigger behavioral survey questions based on app tasks or user journeys. Even if that is not your chosen approach, you can always push messages to launch Qualtrics or other surveys outside of your app. Either can provide new insights into user needs.

Test And Learn 

Do you have a process in place to pilot new features or innovations in your apps or products? If not, you should. Being able to put your software in the hands of unknown users is the ultimate test of app stability. But more than that, it also lets you see the entire user journey, soup to nuts. Whether it’s a payments app and you want to see the complete transactional experience, or it’s an app for live events and you want to understand how the location elements behave; live, test pilot scenarios can be illuminating and critical.

The Bottom Line

Truly, the best approach will involve combing the qualitative and the quantitative. That’s why taking the behavioral information you collect and synthesizing it with the data that a tool like embrace.io’s platform provides will set you up for the most success. Learn more about what Embrace.io can do for you and request a demo today.

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