Improving Your Conversion Funnel in 4 Steps

You can find hundreds of blogs and websites that will tell you how important it is to make your app’s conversion funnel as smooth as possible. The more friction there is, the more churn you can expect, and that’s not where you want your company to be.
The most often cited cause of friction is technical issues that users have with your app, whether that means crashes, poor performance, or some combination of those and other problems.

That’s all well and good, but what do you do about that friction? What is the best way to track down exactly what’s going wrong, so you can fix it efficiently and quickly?

Embrace is designed to be your key mobile app monitoring tool, to help you get to the bottom of issues quickly. In one case, we revealed performance problems that were causing an e-commerce site to lose a projected $4 million a year in sales. We help you drill down, from the lowest hanging fruit to the most hidden problem.

1) Check recommendations

Embrace will examine the interactions between your users and your app. We use these data, combined with our vast experience in developing and debugging apps, to identify and tell you about issues that may be causing at least some of your friction.

For example, for many e-commerce apps, users of iPads and other larger tablets are the best customers, who tend to buy more. In general, image quality on the larger screens is not as good as on smaller phones. You may be feeding larger images to tablets than you need to, which can lead to unneeded Out Of Memory exception errors and general performance hits. These kinds of insights from Embrace can point you in the right direction. It’s a useful place to start.

2) Check overall performance on different devices

Are some devices handling your app better than others? In the fast-paced world of updates and new models, it’s not hard to fall behind incorporating new features while still supporting existing ones. Check our performance data for clues.

3) Monitor key moments

When a user clicks on “Add to Cart,” or “Purchase,” what happens? Does the event go smoothly, with no unexpected time delay? We time key moments, such as launching the app, clicking on Add To Cart, and Checkout, so you know if they occur within expected time ranges. If they don’t, that’s where your attention needs to go.

Improve conversions

4) Drill down

The aggregate performance data can help you with the easiest issues, but sometimes you need to go deeper to see where users are getting hung up. That’s where Embrace goes beyond other app analytics tools. You can check all individual sessions by every one of your app users. See exactly what happened while they used the app, including screenshots. Any time something didn’t work as it was supposed to, you’ll see when it happened, and be able to determine why.

Improve conversions

To make things as smooth as possible for your users, you need to know where the friction points are. Embrace shows you and helps reduce churn and frustrated customers. Take it for a test drive today.

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