Live Event Debugging, Memory Improvements, Feedback turned into Reality

We are excited for our latest release focused on taking the first step towards live feedback and continuing to make our SDK have as small a footprint as possible.  

  • Live event mode! 

One of the primary reasons we kicked-off (only) last year was to provide true visibility to the mobile team, especially the developers.  The ability to see technical details and reproduce sub-optimal experiences on any device is not limited to when then app is live.  Development has many similar pains, and we are happy to take the first step to provide 100% visibility when in that mode.

Live Event Debugging : For any app running with the debugger attached, watch “Live Events” roll by for you or any other user.  Test your integration to watch log messages and app moment events in real-time.  Select a Device via the dropdown for anyone attached – QA, developer or product.  As we iterate on this feature, our plan is to expose other device information so you can see in-app information fly by!

(Click to for a high-res view of the Live Event Debug Mode)

  • Run your app in the background?

The SDK now provides additional context around when your app is running or unexpectedly dies in the background.  Admittedly, we never thought of background as a primary use-case because users of an app are by definition not viewing the app.  Our minds were changed when customers explained that many of their use-cases relied on being in the background; for example, playing an audio/video file or tracking the movements of a driver.  

  • Memory management improvements

We will continue to improve our iOS and Android SDKs to reduce their footprint while bringing as many features to each customer as possible.  (Its a true balance!)  In this release of the iOS SDK (2.6.0,) we focused on reducing the SDK footprint around memory thereby making the app startup even faster

Please let any of us know whether you have any questions via Slack, Email or Twitter.

Thanks for all the support!

– Eric

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