Mobile Analytics and Privacy

Privacy has become a lightning rod issue in modern life—and technology—with people on both sides of the debate fervently passionate in their views. On one side are some individuals, companies, and lawmakers who believe that privacy is either a commodity to be bought and sold, or something to be controlled in the name of security. On the other side of the debate are individuals, corporations, and lawmakers who believe that privacy is a fundamental human right.

In such a charged atmosphere, it’s important to make sure your app abides by the proper laws and etiquette of user privacy. Apps and services, large and small have lost users and suffered setbacks to their growth as a result of privacy scandals. This doesn’t even begin to address the legal sanctions and fines a company can incur. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for example, can result in fines up to 4% of a company’s worldwide sales for privacy violations.

This can cause developers to shy away from tools that allow them to monitor app usage, or gain insights into how their app is functioning. There are two main reasons why such fears should not stop developers from using the Embrace platform.

The Legal Side

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First and foremost, Embrace’s platform is fully compliant with the GDPR. To be compliant, a company has to ensure two things:

  • You must be able to provide a user’s data to them if requested.
  • You must be able to delete a user’s data upon request.

One of the reasons Embrace is so successful in being compliant with privacy laws is because the Embrace platform views each mobile device as a user. That means that whatever data is collected, whatever data is analyzed, it is a self-contained “user” that can be provided or deleted upon request.

The Practical Side

In addition to meeting the legal requirements of the GDPR and similar laws, Embrace’s very architecture makes it ideally suited to protecting end-user privacy. The reason for this is due to the agnostic nature of the platform, meaning that—by default—Embrace will not collect any user-specific data. It is up to the developer to decide what information will or will not be kept and analyzed.

Even then, while user-specific information may be collected, absolutely no user-identifiable data is collected. User ids, passwords, specific types of identifiable network monitoring, even screenshots that might show a user identifies, are all off-limits to collection, ensuring that a person’s privacy is respected at all times.

The Embrace Advantage

There’s a reason why Embrace is the leader in the mobile development and optimization industry. Thanks to our expertise, developers can use our tools with confidence that they are respecting user privacy and abiding by privacy regulations.

Don’t let fear of or a lack of understanding about privacy issues handicap your company. Take Embrace for a test drive to see how it can help your mobile development efforts, all while meeting today’s privacy needs.

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