The COVID-19 pandemic drove increased demand for mobile gaming, resulting in $111 billion in mobile game spending last year. At the same time, the competition for mobile games has only increased, making it more important than ever to deliver great user experiences if you hope to retain users.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn tips and tricks for competing in the modern mobile games landscape.

For those looking to enter the space, you'd be hard-pressed to avoid the giant in the mobile games ecosystem, Unity. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to build cross-platform games from a standardized game development platform. This allows teams to release games faster in order to validate product-market fit.

When building mobile games in Unity, the people are everything. Learn what qualities to look for when creating teams. Companies have different workflows, but you will always want an intersection of talent and culture fit. Successfully scaling a team will depend on their ability to adapt without sacrificing velocity.

Learn how effective observability into your teams enables improvements that are a crucial part of your long-term success. You need good communication and transparency to create trust when hard decisions must be made ahead of quickly approaching deadlines.

It is also important to focus on retention by engaging users. If it shocks you to hear that anything is more important than revenue, you will just have to watch the webinar to know why.

In this webinar, you will walk away with several key learnings:

  • How to build your own mobile gaming team
  • Why Unity is so successful in gaming
  • When to focus on retention or revenue
  • How effective observability contributes to long-term success

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