In our last update, we talked about how Embrace has shifted to include daily “water cooler” video calls for everyone to kick back and hang out. Since then, we’ve iterated on the process to make every day different and keep things fresh:

  • On Media Mondays, we share silly Photo Booth pics, vote on a winner, and talk movies and TV shows.
  • Telling Tuesdays are your usual social event, with a question as a conversation starter to kick it off: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” we might ask.
  • For Wellness Wednesdays, our very own Megan Winter, also a yoga instructor at Equinox, steps in to give us tips on how to stay healthy during quarantine.
  • Then, everyone shares recipes they’ve cooked up on Tasty Thursdays.

Finally, on Happy Hour Fridays, things are a bit more up in the air. It’s not in the middle of the day like the other water cooler chats and despite its name, it’s not necessarily about drinking after hours—although many of our employees enjoy a glass. Instead, it’s a themed cooldown from a stressful week of work.

This past Friday, our office split up into teams and used the “breakout room” feature on Zoom to do Trivia Night!

Instead of trivia questions based solely on fun facts, our team made it a little bit more relatable:

  • In the first round, teams competed in a “Guess the Song” challenge from 2 - 3 second sound bites. The surprisingly most difficult one: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.
  • The next two rounds were on James Bond movies and Netflix shows. Unsurprisingly, almost everyone could name all of Joe Exotic’s legal names. Can you?
  • In the final round, we played it like Jeopardy instead of Trivia Night.

When looking for new ways to connect online, you don’t need to look far. Ask yourself, “What did the office do before quarantine?” From there, it’ll be easy to refashion it to fit into our new online world.