Off-sites at Embrace are nothing short of awesome, where all team members gather near our home office in Los Angeles and spend the day working hard and playing hard.

Traditionally we fly in remote team members for the day-long meeting where we run the gamut from OKR’s and goals to educational speakers and team building activities. After the hard work comes the fun: dinner at an awesome LA staple like Bludsoe’s BBQ or Stout burger followed by an activity that is unique and always gets the team excited. We’ve done a VR Star Wars experience, a food tour of the Original Farmers Market at the Grove, and many many escape rooms. This has always been a special time for our team to experience something new together while spending quality time.

COVID-19 has (of course) drastically and suddenly changed the way we are able to get together, but we have been determined to not let it stop our traditions! Like the rest of the world we have found ways to adapt and still have fun. We are proud to share some of our favorite Covid-safe team building offsite activities from the past year:

  • Werewolf: Werewolf is a party game (a spin off of the popular “Mafia”) that we adjusted and made possible to play over zoom. With one team member acting as the game master, we went through rounds of the deduction game, accusing each other of being the perpetrator and slowly narrowing down the options. Complete with wolf themed prizes for the winners, this was a special game that was a ton of fun.
  • “Hunt for the Crimson Fang”, Castle Escapes: A bit different than a traditional escape room, Hunt for the Crimson Fang is a unique blend of cinematic video, interesting puzzles and a whole lot of entertainment. We are a competitive group and we were thrilled that all 24 of us (split in to two groups) could play the game at the same time and “race” against the clock together. Though we have played a few other online escape rooms, this remains our team’s favorite.
  • Magic show and lesson with Evgeny Moskalov: Some things are just as cool via zoom as in real life and magic is one of them! Evgeny helped to create the perfect offsite activity by not just showing our team some mind blowing magic tricks, but also teaching us how to do a few ourselves! We even took this opportunity to make Embrace branded playing cards and it made the experience even more special.
  • Paint and Sip Live: This was the one that took us all by surprise! Being a tech company I was unsure how most of the team would react to painting, but we agreed that this was a resounding success! Paint and Sip helped us customize a painting based off our beloved office mural, and walked us through every step of the way. There was even a DJ playing all of our requests making for a unique activity that was fun for the whole family.

Though we wish we could be in person, we know that at the end of the day, the most important thing is taking the time to experience something together. At Embrace we are growing each day and though these offsites will look different when we are back together (as a much larger group), we are growing together and that is what makes it special.

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