Overcome Mobile App Technical Performance Issues & Build Success

According to recent studies, mobile users increasingly have very high expectations about the performance of the mobile apps they use, with some industries having an even higher standard. For example, within the banking and insurance industries, some 63% of users view flawless performance as critical to the app’s functionality.

Further upping the stakes, it’s been estimated that 96% of customers don’t complain when experiencing a problem, yet 91% of those customers will go elsewhere with their business and not come back. Similarly, for every customer who files a complaint, there are at least 26 others who simply leave without saying anything.

This underscores the need to quickly get to the root cause of issues your app may be experiencing, not only when a complaint is received but—far more importantly—before your customers even know the issue exists.

This is an area where performance monitoring tools can play an invaluable role in determining what issues exist and how to address them. Unlike traditional crash reporting and analytics, performance monitoring tools enable developers to take a proactive approach to development. Rather than waiting for an issue to arise, performance monitoring tools help you see each and every aspect of your application’s performance and identify areas where it may be lagging behind.

Use Performance Metrics Wisely

An important step in using performance monitoring tools wisely is setting smart notifications to ensure the data you receive is pertinent to your efforts. While, in some scenarios, it can be useful to be notified when a specific number of errors occurs, more often than not, being notified when a percentage threshold is crossed is far more informative.

For example, true crashes make up less than 1% of the problems mobile apps experience. In many cases it’s closer to 0.5%. In a popular app, however, setting a notification to trigger when a specific number of crashes occurs is likely to result in a false picture of what is actually happening. This can be compounded during periods of heavy use, such as a shopping app being used during Black Friday. If millions of people are using the app simultaneously, the hard number of crashes may appear alarming when, in fact, it is well within that 0.5% average.

In contrast, setting notifications to trigger when a threshold is crossed will often provide a more accurate picture of your app’s health.

Use The Data Proactively

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Another critical factor in using performance monitoring tools effectively is to use the data they gather proactively.

Performance monitoring tools, such as the Embrace platform, give developers the ability to capture each user session and replay it in its entirety. While this can be immensely useful in tracking down and eliminating bugs that users report, it can be even more valuable in finding and fixing bugs proactively. By replaying user sessions, your developers can see crashes, out-of-memory exceptions, performance bottlenecks, interface glitches and other problems, as well as all the events that led up to them.

Beyond the technical realm, however, this data can be used preemptively to help reduce customer churn. As the statistics at the outset highlighted, the vast majority of users will simply abandon an app when an issue is encountered. If your developers are constantly monitoring sample sessions to identify potential issues, you can reach out to impacted customers—regardless of whether they file a complaint or not—and let them know the issue they likely experienced has been resolved. You may even offer them a gift card, reward, or another incentive to download the new, fixed version.

The Future of Development and Customer Service

Performance monitoring tools represent an all-new way to approach not only the development process but customer interactions as well. By effectively using these tools, you can more quickly respond to problems and exceed the high standards customers have come to expect.

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