How to Have Better Apps: Address Problems, Not Symptoms

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It’s estimated that only 16% of customers will give an app more than two opportunities if it fails to work the first time. Still, other research has shown that up to half of mobile users will delete an app if they encounter even a single bug. Further complicating the issue is the fact that there are some 2,100,000 apps on the Apple App Store and approximately 3,763,223 Android apps.

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3 Mobile Metrics You Should Optimize


According to Andrew Chen (general partner at Andreessen Horowitz) and Ankit Jain(founder of Quettra and former head of search & discovery for Google Play), the average mobile app loses some 77% of its user base within the first three days after a user installs it. Even more shocking, within the first 90 days, the average app has lost over 95% of its user base. The evidence suggests that most users make up their mind about whether or not to keep using an app within the first three to seven days.

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No, you’re wrong: Mobile is just getting started

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VCs and innovators need to wake up: A new wave of mobile growth is under way

Lately, there’s a growing consensus that innovation and growth in mobile is over. It’s said that investment money has dried up, ideas from entrepreneurs aren’t pouring in at the same velocity, the app economy has stalled, etc.

That perspective is short-sighted and incorrect. Mobile technologies and services are only becoming more pervasive in our lives and remain the engine that drives new innovation. In fact, VCs and innovators must wake up to the fact that a new wave of exponential growth is just getting started.

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“Hunch” Study : Network Calls and their Effect on Mobile Apps

Every good mobile engineer has questions that they wish they could answer, if they only had the time. One of those questions, related to concurrent network calls, goes something like: “How many calls can my app do and not impact app performance?” Until recently, no one had actually measured to figure it out — then we did!

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