Mobile app revenue grew 30% last year, topping $111 billion globally. With many businesses accelerating their digital transformations to meet the rising demand for mobile experiences, they are increasingly realizing the importance of delivering optimized user experiences in order to remain competitive.

This is not an easy task.

Mobile is incredibly complex with countless variables, yet at the same time the expectations for mobile are exceptionally high. On top of that, the competition is constantly growing, disrupting nearly every industry with mobile-first and mobile-focused entrants.

To match the competition and meet the demands of users, this webinar highlights productive ways to act on user complaints in order to eliminate the issues that lead to churn and lost revenue. This webinar also looks at how to address the gaps in traditional mobile tooling. This allows engineers can get the full picture of what is affecting app performance—especially since the user is not always a reliable resource.

Users may not understand the problem or how to explain it when they complain on an app store or social media. With Embrace, mobile teams can go directly from user complaints (like those on the Google Play Console) to the technical and behavioral details of the affected user session.

Embrace is the best-in-class observability and data platform built for mobile that provides unified visibility for investigating user complaints. Mobile teams can immediately reproduce issues and understand what the user really experienced so they can resolve the issue faster. This fuels retention and revenue and helps companies achieve their business goals. This webinar will also guide mobile teams on how to effectively prioritize issues based on their business impact, so that teams can dedicate resources to the issues that matter.

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