Embrace does not store user information. We are not in the business of collecting user information for the purpose of selling targeted advertising or data. We are 100% aligned to the interests of mobile teams and their users.

Embrace exists for one purpose — to provide mobile teams the data and enhanced support they need to ship the best apps possible. This data includes only what is necessary to monitor and debug mobile apps. It consists of three main types:

  • Device environment information. Examples include OS, region, app version, CPU, memory, battery, and network connectivity.
  • In-app technical events. Examples include views/activities, network calls, logs, and web views.
  • In-app user actions. Examples include taps, button presses, swipes, and user flows.


Embrace is GDPR-compliant and does not collect or store any PII. We are private by default. No personal information is sent or captured by Embrace without the express and voluntary permission of each mobile team.

Some Embrace features require collecting data that might contain PII. These features are turned off by default and must be opted into by mobile teams. If they choose to use the feature, Embrace collects and stores the data only as long as the mobile team requires it for the purposes of debugging an issue to improve the end-user experience.

Screenshots Are Opt-In

Embrace allows capturing a screenshot at the time of a code exception. Seeing what the user saw right before a freeze or during a broken startup is immensely helpful for isolating the cause of the issue. At Embrace, we strive to provide the best technical data for identifying and solving issues. We realize there is a risk of capturing sensitive information, and wherever these situations can occur, we leave the choice completely up to our customers.

Embrace Does Not Record Video

Other tools have been caught recording videos  or replicating a video-like experience of how users use the application. This horrifies us. We believe in every user’s singular right to have their own privacy and believe videos are extremely intrusive.

Embrace Does Not Collect Full IP Addresses

We do not collect full IP addresses from users. We only collect enough of the information to tag the general region a user is in for the purposes of debugging.

Embrace Collects Basic Networking Data

To monitor network endpoints, Embrace collects the optimal data that teams need to identify and solve issues but never anything that can identify a user. On every network call (yours or a vendor’s), many data points are automatically gathered, like latency and status code. However, data like query params, headers, or the bodies, are not collected by default. Why?

1) It can easily contain PII like credit card numbers and passwords.

2) It is highly likely to harm the user experience by making the app run slower due to collecting and sending too much additional information.

If a mobile team requires more detailed networking information to solve a particular issue, Embrace can — upon request — briefly collect this data for specific endpoints. And once we send it to the customer, we delete it. Collecting and storing such information on an ongoing basis is unnecessary and negligent.

Embrace’s Philosophy

At Embrace, we believe there is a wealth of actionable, nonintrusive data that, if collected responsibly and presented well, provides a wonderful opportunity for mobile teams to identify and solve the issues that lead to poor user experiences.

We collect data because mobile is a vast field of ever-changing variables. Without understanding exactly how users experienced an app across every session, it is impossible to discover every issue that affects them.

How Embrace Helps Mobile Teams

Embrace is an observability and developer analytics platform built for mobile teams. We are a one-stop shop for your mobile app’s needs, including error debugging and monitoring performance and feature releases.

If you’d like to learn more about Embrace, you can check out our website or visit our docs! Feel free to ask us a question or get right down to it and see the product in action with a live demo.

Or, you can dive right into how we can help your mobile teams: