The adoption of mobile initiatives is accelerating across all industries. For example, hotels have invested heavily into their mobile apps in order to deliver contactless experiences during COVID-19. Guests can now rely on their mobile device to book rooms, unlock doors, and access hotel amenities. There are ample opportunities to continue expanding the digital experiences that hotels can provide.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how companies are innovating their product within their mobile apps.  

Learn how product leaders work with mobile engineers to create, manage, and iterate on their roadmaps. Collecting user feedback and ensuring your mobile app delivers value is key. Likewise, if a big regression happens, mobile teams need to efficiently prioritize engineering time where it will deliver the most business value.

This webinar will cover how agile processes help mobile teams continually innovate without sacrificing velocity. When stakeholders require changes – whether due to shifting business priorities or as a reaction to expanding timelines – product leaders manage communication across teams to ensure sales, marketing, and engineering have the most up to date information.

In mobile, product and engineering teams need tooling that effectively measures the health of app versions and features. That way, product can understand the business impact of user complaints. Does an issue affect a few loud users, or is it widespread? Is it hurting retention or revenue? Are new features not gaining adoption because users don't like them or because they don't work?

If you are a product leader in mobile, this webinar is for you. You will walk away with insights that will improve how you work across teams to achieve your business goals.

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