Mobile app use is at an all-time high and so are the expectations that come with it, especially since fierce competition in the crowded mobile market provides so many alternatives for users to choose from. In order to set your app apart, you need to deliver a fast startup time. Giving users a bad first impression risks immediate — and permanent — churn. Studies show that 60% of users abandon a mobile app after just one interaction if they face any performance-related problems.

This webinar will help your mobile team deliver an optimized startup time. We’ll answer many important questions, including:

  • What is an ideal startup time?
  • What are the common causes of bloated startup times?
  • Why do mobile teams lack visibility when monitoring their startup times?
  • How can you identify slowdowns caused by first-party versus third-party code?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn steps you can take to immediately improve your startup time and set your team up to better monitor and optimize it moving forward.

How Embrace Helps Mobile Teams

Embrace is a mobile data platform that provides observability, debugging, and proactive alerting for mobile teams. We are a comprehensive solution that fully reproduces every user experience from every single session. Your team gets the data it needs to proactively identify, prioritize, and solve any issue that’s costing you users or revenue.

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