The Entertaining Side of Performance Analytics

Video delivery has evolved. Once only the realm of science fiction, handheld video is a modern reality. In fact, it’s estimated that 58% of videos—or roughly three out of every five—are consumed on mobile devices.

For app makers specializing in video delivery, this presents a special challenge. As one of the most widely used categories of apps, video delivery can also be one of the most demanding—in terms of resources required—as well as one of the most difficult to troubleshoot.

The Problem

For many apps, such as task managers, games, text editors, finance apps, image editors and a host of others, the app’s content is often bundled with it. This makes it possible for these apps to be used in offline mode and, as a result, limits the issues a developer has to troubleshoot if or when things go wrong.

In contrast, a video delivery app developer must not only troubleshoot any bugs within the app’s internal operation but also, should be able to diagnose and potentially troubleshoot any network communication issues that may be causing problems.

Further exacerbating the issue is the tremendous opportunity videos offer from a marketing perspective. Research has shown that users retain 95% of what they see in a video, versus 10% of what they read. This makes any downtime of a video-based app extremely costly.

For many customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than being excited about the latest viral video and when attempting to show it to a friend the video freezes, crashes, or fails to display.

The Solution

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With so much at stake, it’s important to be able to see what is happening in your app, as well as the network communication and video frameworks it relies on to operate.

Unlike traditional logging, performance monitoring tools give you the ability to understand exactly what is happening behind the scenes. This helps you see if your app is running out of memory when playing large video files, or if a framework is not properly decoding the video, or if the network is the weak point because it’s transferring data too slowly to allow for smooth playback.

Performance monitoring tools can also help you identify problems before your customers experience them. For example, if the average size of videos being played is increasing, you can use performance monitoring tools to see how well your app is managing the videos it’s currently displaying and how well it’s managing memory. Armed with that information, you can make any adjustments needed before a potential issue becomes a real problem that may result in the loss of customers.

The Embrace Platform

As an industry leader in mobile development tools, Embrace’s platform can help you improve, refine, and optimize your app’s video performance, ensuring your customers have the best possible experience.

Take Embrace for a test drive to see the difference it can make.

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