Three Benefits of Speed and Reliability For Your Mobile App

You may only get one chance for your smartphone app to cut through the noise and make a meaningful impact on a consumer. You have to make the most of that chance because these days, users don’t put up with sluggish apps. And they don’t have to; app marketplaces are competitive, and there are many substitutes from which to choose.

While this article is describing some of the benefits of speed and reliability in the apps you build, really, it could also be considered a list of imperatives. No developer or product manager ever starts with a goal of building a production app based on the minimum experience users will tolerate. Usually, they are thinking the opposite; “how can we make this app run as best as is possible?”

Still, the pressures, deadlines, and complexity can mount; and sometimes trade-offs are made. Therefore, it’s good to reset from time to time and remember that fast, responsive apps are really table stakes in mobile ecosystems these days.

It’s also important to remember that the benefits of a speedy, reliable app (listed below) can have a real financial impact.

Benefit One: Acquisition

Word of mouth is powerful, and recommendations from trusted sources are a superior channel for acquiring new users. Therefore, your app’s reputation can easily precede itself and affect how often it gets downloaded. Whether it’s water-cooler talk at the office about how a new map app shortened the commute or whether it’s sharing tactics for acquiring new lives in the next super-addicting mobile game—a natural, human rap session about app benefits can resonate powerfully in the minds of prospects. That conversation doesn’t happen when your app causes frustration as opposed to a useful experience.

Benefit Two: Conversion

The missed opportunity for efficient conversion is a serious risk from slow or wonky apps. Whether as a result of poor technical execution or a flawed user experience design and strategy, it can have an immediate impact on your balance sheet. Therefore, snappy transactional experiences are effective experiences. Why give any users a chance to have second thoughts on an eCommerce transaction while waiting for app UI elements to render or display?

Benefit Three: Retention

Maybe the most critical residual benefits of a smooth running app come down to whether users keep coming back. This can be affected by user experience as much as anything. However, there is simply no room for technical sluggishness in an era where users have so many choices from a super-competitive marketplace and app ecosystem. Bottlenecks of even a few seconds add up throughout a session and can dramatically affect a user’s psychological appetite for a return visit.

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