Visibility and App Performance: How Are They Related?

To fix problems with your mobile app, you’ve got to be able to see what the problems are, and when in the process they occur. That’s hasn’t been as easy as it sounds with other app performance monitoring tools.

Most tools will tell you how many times your app has crashed. Most mobile teams then spend the majority of their time figuring out how to eliminate the crashes. But did you know that crashes only account for about 0.3 percent of user-reported issues in a typical e-commerce app? And that Out Of Memory (OOM) Exception errors account for 4x that amount?

App performance
About 15 percent of user complaints center on performance issues, such as slow loads, frozen screens, and broken loading for images. These harm the user experience and can lead to app abandonment. With traditional tools, you don’t have any easy way to monitor those kinds of problems.

The complexity of possible problems your app can face can lead to a kind of blindness when it comes to deciding how to get it in the best shape possible, to avoid the dreaded user churn. Embrace provides the visibility you need, from high-level crash reporting and logging, down to seeing what each user is doing before, during and after a problem comes up.

While logs and crash reports are helpful in showing you general issues, they often aren’t specific enough to help you pin down just what’s going wrong. Are problems occurring more on one device than another? Are iOS devices running well but Android causing slowdowns? Is it only some devices, running some OS versions, where the problems are the most frequent?

Embrace will show you all of that. Our high-level reports give details on each platform and device, and what the percentage of users is, compared to what the percentage of users reporting problems is. If 20 percent of your users are running an iPhone 8+, and reporting 38 percent of your OOMs, you’ve got a good place to start looking for solutions.

Drill deeper

Now that you’ve got an area to focus on, it’s time to dig deeper and get the visibility you need to pin down the problem. If you want to look at users of iPhone 8+, you can check each user’s sessions—all of them. You can see what they were doing when the problems hit, how much of their device’s storage is in use, and where they tapped on the screen. You can see screenshots of what they were looking at during any point in the timeline. Embrace’s visibility lets you see everything you need to know to figure out where the problems are, so you don’t waste time.

We give you unprecedented visibility to spot problems, and get them resolved efficiently. Seeing is believing. Take it for a test drive.

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