Our iPhones get more and more powerful every year, and technology like automatic reference counting (ARC) was supposed to take the pain of managing memory away from you. So why are you still up in the middle of the night fixing memory leaks? The reality is that even the most powerful device in the world is only as good as the software we build for it.

In our on-demand webinar, Eric Lanz (Former Senior iOS Engineer at Apple and Niantic) will walk through some common, and less common, types of memory bugs with examples of how to find and fix them.

To determine if it is right for you, answer this one question:

Does your team know the difference between dirty and clean memory?

If they can't answer this question, this webinar is for you. People who would benefit from it include:

  • iOS developers (beginner to advanced)
  • Web developers transitioning into iOS
  • iOS product managers

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about topics like:

  • (Beginner) ARC (automatic-reference-counting) - what it is and how it works
  • (Beginner) Types of memory bugs and how to find and fix them
  • (Beginner) Xcode Instruments: setting targets, hunting memory leaks, and retaining cycles
  • (Intermediate) Finding advanced bugs and using advanced Instruments features like the memory graph and generations
  • (Advanced) Learn how to export a memory graph and explore it using command line tools like vmmap

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