A high ranking in the Google Play Store leads to greater visibility, a more extensive user base, and increased revenue. This is why you should care about Android vitals. These are Google's performance metrics that track your app's stability, performance, and more. Google wants your Android app to deliver the best possible user experience. Therefore, a high Google Play Store ranking is important for a successful Android app. Negative factors that lower your ranking (i.e. crashes, freezes, or use of excessive device resources) lead to a loss of users, in-app purchases, and revenue. Understanding key vitals is the first step your mobile teams should take when creating a stable app with a high app ranking.

Watch this on-demand webinar to take a deep dive into the most critical aspects of your Android vitals.

Learn which Android vitals are important and, in turn, improve your mobile app. To have the best app, your adept mobile team should have access to high-fidelity data, know where Android vitals gaps occur, and understand how they can bridge the divide.

Our webinar answers the following crucial questions:

  • What are the core Android vitals, how are they measured, and what data do they provide?
  • Why is it challenging to stay below the bad behavior thresholds in the Google Play Console?
  • What data do mobile teams need to solve the most difficult crashes and ANRs?
  • Why is best-in-class mobile observability integral when seeking a boost in your Play Store ranking?

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