To put it simply, we love mobile.  Mobile is the center of our lives and will continue to be the center.  Three simple examples of why:

  • Apps: Over 80% of people prefer apps to mobile web experiences.  While web is here to stay, native is so much better for more utility, work, and social experiences.  We will have an app for everything and this won’t change;
  • IOT: How do you plan to control all those devices? Your phone is the definitive remote; and
  • VR: In 2 or 3 years, do you think you’ll be plugging that headset into a computer, or running it on its own? No, it’ll be plugged into your next gen phone.

While my team and I enjoyed building apps, we find it much more fun to work with a ton of developers.  Everyone loves giving advice and now it’s our full-time job. Not only that, but we back it with real data streaming from each mobile device.

We know the specific user who had a spinner of death. We know when a marketing or advertising SDK is blowing up a segment of users. We know when a 3rd party network call for a purchase isn’t working . . .  we know a ton.  I wish I had this level of visibility when I built Dice With Buddies, instead of finding stuff out after the fact via complaints, lower retention curves, or banging on all the devices strewn across my desk.

Nothing is more ‘fun’ than grabbing one of those phones, walking over to the lead mobile developer, and asking, “Why is the startup taking so damn long?!?”  Then they say, “Can you reproduce it?”, or “Can I plug your phone in?”, or “Wait a few days and I’ll see if I can dig into the log files or [MixPanel / Omniture / Flurry / <Insert ill-suited marketing analytics tool here>]”.  The answers to all three are far from ideal!

As a B2B company, our goal is to make customers love us.  While we’ve built an awesome platform and team to advise you, the mobile team and developer, we want you to ask us anything!  We’ve used every mobile tool on the market, we’ve mastered IAP and Ads, we know user acquisition, and LTV, and CPI calcs.

We’re happy to be of service, make your lives easier, and your users happier! Just ask.